Caroline Simas

Hindsight is a beautiful thing — to look back and see God’s hand in our stories. 

I’ve been designing since I could hold a crayon and was blessed to inherit some of my grandfather’s artistic talent. He was my earliest inspiration as an artist but really many played inspiring roles by influencing and encouraging my journey. My father, with his engineering/building skills and architectural drawings, my mom, with her love for flowers and gardening, my aunt who is quite artistic as well, and others along the way.

I knew from a very early age that I wanted to grow up and be three things: a mother, a teacher, and an artist. I feel so fortunate to have been all three. I was an Elementary Education major and I took as many art classes as I could during those early years. I dabbled in everything I could get my hands on…watercolors, oil, acrylic, charcoal, clay, jewelry making, cartooning classes, and I even remember searching through Mom's fabric scraps trying to create clever outfits for my Barbies. I was a first grade teacher for six years and taught children’s art lessons from our home during the summers.

I stopped teaching to stay home with our first child, and started a custom painting business called The Creative Palette. I hand-painted baby linens, children’s furniture and murals. The custom work grew and grew and I couldn’t keep up with the demand.

About that time we found out we were expecting twin girls (answered prayer after two boys!) and while designing our twin girl’s birth announcement I decided to create a collection of 24 Christian greeting cards with scripture. They were mostly for personal use and gifts for friends but after selling them at a local show, I was asked to have them sold through several local stores and from that point, Multiple Blessings grew quickly. A rep group picked up the Multiple Blessings brand and sold my stationery and gift products across the US to 250+ independent retailers.

I added other products to the collection but realized after a while that being on the manufacturing side kept me busier with management and farther away from my true gift-creating art and designing. I had been researching and reading all about the art licensing industry, found it fascinating, and soon transitioned out of manufacturing into art licensing in 2007. Manufacturers use my art and patterns on their products for the gift and home décor industries. I feel so blessed to partner with an amazing list of companies and truly enjoy collaborating with them on creative direction and sometimes product development ideas. My work is represented by Courtney Davis, Inc., a wonderful art licensing agency who is a great cheerleader for the art I create and the Multiple Blessings brand.