Art is Everywhere


Hi! We have a lot of new followers around here so I thought’d I’d take a minute to introduce myself and say Hello!

I’m Caroline Simas…wife to David, mom to Walker, William, Charlotte & Sarah Grace. I am the founder of Multiple Blessings and spend my days as a licensed artist creating pretty images for the gift and home decor industry.

I hand-paint each piece of art and my assistant, Leslie formats it into patterns and mock ups for products for the manufacturers we partner with. My work is represented by a wonderful art licensing agency - Courtney Davis, Inc.

Most days you can find me painting in my studio in Charlotte’s historic Dilworth/Southend area. Through December 2018 I will remain in my current studio at 1717 Cleveland Ave. but in Jan 2019 I will be relocating just two blocks away to a studio in Dilworth Artisan Station. My licensed products and some of my original art will remain in our shared boutique space with Fashion & Compassion over on Cleveland Ave. It’s open M-F 9am-5pm and is filled with gifts that give back- you should visit! It’s an incredible building filled with women using their gifts and talents in powerful ways.

I feel incredibly blessed to wake up each day and create. What a blessing to be able to combine my passion and purpose and share it with the world! When I am not in the studio painting and creating, you can usually find me driving soccer carpool or cooking for a bazillion kids.

I am thankful for family, my friends and so many who share this journey with me. I am often asked what inspires my work …the short answer- my faith and God’s amazing creation. Read below about a recent example of making the best out of a situation that didn’t go as planned.

***Ok so here’s the deal. We humans usually think our plan is best, we like control and we think things should turn out well and the way we have dreamed and imagined. And when they don’t, well we’re usually disappointed, confused and sometimes angry. But God’s plan is always best and his timing is always perfect and here’s an example.

My assistant Leslie and I had planned to visit an amazing sunflower field in the Weddington/Waxhaw area last week and when we arrived we were greeted by a State Trooper who kindly urged us to leave before arresting us and the dozen or so others who were oohing and ahhhing over the beautiful vista. Needless to say, we left since neither one of us felt like landing in jail over floral photos.

Then we found out about another sunflower field open to the public but about an hour from Charlotte. No biggie…so we checked the website, confirmed that it was open to visit, loaded up my easel, paints a few fun props and headed to the country a week after our first failed attempt. Not a car around but we found the path and began walking as Leslie took a branch to clear spider webs and soon we could see the field ahead of us. As we approached our hearts sank. No wonder there were no other cars….the entire field was dead and the blooms and stems were broken and black. Of course we were disappointed but the more we wandered around it was obvious that it was supposed to happen this way; we were supposed to be there. We continued to notice beauty even in the dead corn rows and sunflower fields. Nearby was a long winding path with wildflowers and weeds so after gathering a large bundle of blooms we decided to proceed with a fun photo shoot.

So many things came to mind like:

  • the circle of life

  • how we must die to self to truly live in Christ

  • making the best out of situations that don’t work out the way we’d hoped

  • seasons & change- Ecclesiastes 3:11

The contrast of holding fresh wildflowers in the field of dead sunflowers seemed powerful and eye opening and frankly I can’t stop thinking about it.

As we head toward autumn and notice the change in the leaves and move toward winter when things die and become dormant, I hope I remember this and maybe you will too. The dead field of sunflowers will bloom again next year and you can bet we will find out when to be there. They’ll be gorgeous and colorful and full of LIFE. And that corn will be thriving and will feed a family somewhere. Nothing stays the same, and isn’t that good. Life would be pretty boring if things never changed. So join me on instagram HERE using the hashtag #noticinghisgoodness not just when things are gorgeous, because #artiseverywhere and beautify can be found in ordinary places.