Creative Workshops!

Perhaps it’s the former elementary education teacher in me. Perhaps it the mom in me. Perhaps it’s just my love of people and community and creativity. Perhaps it the joy I feel when I witness someone reconnect with their inner child who knew they were good at art. Maybe it’s witnessing women taking the time to slow down simply to be creative and share fellowship.

It must be all of these things. When I teach creative workshops at my studio I have the privilege of watching all of this unfold and it truly is a JOY!

Recently I led a watercolor workshop… a daughter gifted this experience to her sweet mom and her friends for her birthday. It really reminded me of how and why I love leading these. Here is what she had to say; read this kind review which may help you understand just how special a gathering like this can be:

“My sweet daughter gave me the best birthday gift ever of a painting workshop with Caroline and several of my friends. We all LOVED it! Caroline is so welcoming and encouraging, and she helped each of us understand watercolor techniques enough that we all finished with a painting we liked and with an interest in painting more! In addition we all enjoyed visiting her studio and seeing her amazing art as well as the works of other local artists. My friends were very enthusiastic about the evening, and I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone!”

So if you happen to be living near the Charlotte area and you’d like to gather a group of 6-12 of your friends for a creative workshop, I can work with you to make it just what you’d like it to be. There are some general guidelines but we can be flexible and customize it to make it special for your group. Click HERE to read a bit about how it works.

Hope to hear from you soon about booking a creative workshop at the Multiple Blessings Studio! Click here to get the conversation started:)



Caroline Simas