To market, to market!

This week is the summer tradeshow at Americasmart!

Always so grateful to the retailers who choose to carry the products we design for their stores. In a sea of fabulous finds and gifts, I am grateful some of mine end up in stores across the globe.

If you’re reading this and you are not a store owner, perhaps you just want your local shops tp carry some of these items. That means you can forward this blog post to your friends who are retailers or print it out and give it to them to take this week to Atlanta!

We made this Multiple Blessings Market Guide - a visual, easy way to find the showrooms at Amerciasmart in Atlanta. Honestly, there are other showrooms with the products I’ve designed but it’s hard to keep up with what is launching when…. so these are the main ones I know about at the moment. Hope this helps and if you happen to be there later this week- I’ll be there briefly…stop me in the halls and introduce yourself! I LOVE meeting store owners and the wonderful people in this creative industry!

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